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Quick Way Neck Muscle Stiffness Relief

Do you know many pains start with muscle stiffness? In the early morning, you wake up, you can’t move your neck freely. After a day of staring at your smartphone and computer, your neck is sore. Day after day, the muscles around the neck joints are tired and become overstretched.  You may choose to ignore, the soreness getting worse and start have pain. If you want to avoid taking a painkiller, there are some exercises to quickly relieve the neck…

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Myofascial Ball-Acupunct Alternative

As most of us already learned that acupuncture is a better way of pain relief. However, some of us scare needle, some may be allergic to metal needle. Looking for other alternative way for pain relief? Myofascial Ball therapy is a new treatment have similar effective action as acupuncture to relieve certain pains.

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Better Choice For Pain Relief

When you experience pain such as migrant, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, muscle sprain, arthritis, what do you usually do without second thought. 80 % of people choose to  take Advil and Tylenol.  The pain is to some extent relieved.   But after 4 to 8 hours, the same pain creeping back and getting worse.You take more pills and more pills or go to your doctor. What will your doctor do? Prescribe you some stronger pain relief medicine such as tramadol,…

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