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Orthotics and Bracing Services

Painrelief-Relax center now provide Orhotics and Bracing services. Our Pedorthist is Canadian certified and has over 20 years of experience in assessing and treating lower limb pain due to injury and chronic conditions such as arthritis, repetitive stress and diabetes. Derek provides: hands -on lower limb assessment, personalized treatment plans, patient education, foot casting and custom-made foot orthotics, knee and ankle braces and compression stockings.

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Acupuncture for Skin Care

Believe or not, Acupuncture is a natural method to rejuvenate your skin by insert sterile disposable acupuncture needles into acupoint. Acupuncture can help to treat acne, rosacea, dehydration and other skin issues. No more botox, Acupuncture can help for reducing wrinkles. We provide following services Massage Therapy Acupuncture Physiotherapy Reflexology Pain Relief

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Trouble Weight Loss?

Many people made the new year’s resolution-losing weight. But how? Exercises, diet, acupuncture or …… I was 60 kg many years ago, but now 50 kg in my preferred range. I tried many ways that were suggested by experts. I thought that body weight was only determined by how much I eat and how many calories I burned during daily activity. To some extent, these factors are true, however this equation is not the only factors influence the body…

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