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What is Osteopathy?                                                                                                 

Osteopathy is a form of medicine, dating from the XIX century, where hands are used to diagnose and treat. It is based on in depth knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology. Using very gentle ‘hands on’ approach, osteopathic treatment balances out altered biomechanics, improves flow of the nerve impulses, blood, lymph and CSF, resulting in synchronization between organ systems and enabling normal physiology to resume & restore health.                                                                                     

Why Osteopathy?

  • Very effective because it searches for and treats the ROOT CAUSE  
  • Helps with many conditions:
  •  musculoskeletal, fascial, nervous, digestive, reproductive, cardiovascular
  • sports, accident or work related injury
  •  preventative: to maintain or improve your current health
  • Suitable for all ages – from babies and children, to adults and elderly
  • Gentle and safe ‘hands on’ technique      

Mira Miskovic  M.OMSc, Cert MDT, RPT    has  extensive experience successfully treating patients in Mississauga with various conditions, including neck, back pain, disk herniation, shoulder and knee injuries. She extended her practice to osteopathy and joined Pain Releif Center team. If you have any health issue that wouldn’t go away, despite trial of other treatments, give us a call. Mira would love an opportunity to assist you in your journey towards improving your health & enjoying life you deserve.