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Neck Pain? Back Pain?

Covid-19 lockdown and quarantine phases has been going on for quite some time now. The new normal, including work from home is a routine for most people at this point. It is an unusual work space that unfortunately needed to be set immediately. The inaccurate height between the desk and chair is one of the biggest problems that cause an incorrect posture while working. Another thing that affecting this problem that the lack of back support from the chair…

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Quick Way Neck Muscle Stiffness Relief

Do you know many pains start with muscle stiffness? In the early morning, you wake up, you can’t move your neck freely. After a day of staring at your smartphone and computer, your neck is sore. Day after day, the muscles around the neck joints are tired and become overstretched.  You may choose to ignore, the soreness getting worse and start have pain. If you want to avoid taking a painkiller, there are some exercises to quickly relieve the neck…

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