Fertility Translated to Female’s Health(Part II)

As advanced as our life can be, at the same time it also becoming so fast paced, rushed and instant. We do not taking care ourselves in a natural way just simply we do not have the time. The younger generation does not even know how to. As simple as grabbing breakfast from the freezer and turning it into a smoothie for grab and go meal, it is not that simple for our body to process it and for it to be nourishing. 

It is time to look at women’s health as a full circle. Start with when someone growing up, focus on menstrual health when the first menses happen, during young adult and adult phase in life when fertility is at peak, how to take care of your body and mind, in pregnancy, after giving birth (post-partum), pre-menopausal and last but not least is menopausal phase. This is the simplest way to list most of the phases, but the truth is, women’s health is all of that and everything in between. 

In order to understand, we have to go back to the very beginning of those stages. What is really needed to do in each stage to be proper nourish and try to avoid the improper nourishing way which most people now misunderstanding. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is not an illness but rather imbalances that occur to one’s body and causing the undesired outcome.

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