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To Balance vitamin C In Our Body

We all know when we have cold, we often  take more vitamin C supplement because Vitamin C can boost our immune system. When we have ulcer or blister in our mouth, doctor will suggest taking Vitamin C because it can heal wound and help to repair tissues.  This also makes Vitamin C important to maintain healthy skin, ligament, blood vessel, cartilage and tendon. Vitamin C, known as ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid. Our body can’t produce Vitamin C and has…

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The Benefits of Massage

Therapeutic massage help ease not only stress and tight muscles but also a variety of diseases and conditions. Massage stimulates blood flow, which carries more oxygen and nutrients to the massaged muscles and tissue helping remove toxic waste products. Increased blood flow helps ease the pain of sore muscles and speeds the recovery of muscle after exercise or injury. Massage therapy can treat: ◦Back pain, more people seek massage therapy for lower back pain than for any other problem,…

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Importance of Natural Balance

Two thousand years ago, ancient china was separated into 7 countries. The kingdom, Chi is the biggest and the strongest. The king was tall and strong and very ambitious. He wanted to reunite China. One day he won a battle against the other countries. He wanted to throw a party to celebrate the victory. All the famous people were invited. A famous Chinese doctor who was honest and responsible also attended the party. The doctor looked at the king…

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