Chinese Medicine Help to Fight Pandemic

Halfway through February and we still in “Stay-at-home” order. There is nothing much we can do except to follow the rules, be cautious when being close to other people, mask on and more.

Another effort that we can do is support our immune system. Avoiding excessive stress, light workout and heathy eating are some of the things we can do. As of Chinese Medicine, that we can help you with.

Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine, tuina, cupping and moxibustion are the tools in our belt that can help strengthening your immune system. No matter how good is the medicine, your immune system is the first line of defense to any illness that may attack you.

Acupuncture other than for pain management also have a background to treat any imbalances that occur that might cause other problem such as weakened immune system, tiredness and stress that also lead to troubled immune system. It is treating the body as a whole rather than just one problem. Sometimes, during treatment, we might find something that you do not even realize it is a problem. And you are there just in time to be treated before it become an obvious health issue.

One small tip that you can do at home at regular basis is acupressure on one of the most popular point for immune booster which is Stomach 36 (ST 36). It is commonly used for boosting the whole body energy and protective energy. It is also used to relieved fatigue and help digestion.

This is only one small tool to help you strengthening your immune system. For more support and specific individualized treatment, you can come see us!