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Chinese Medicine Help to Fight Pandemic

Halfway through February and we still in “Stay-at-home” order. There is nothing much we can do except to follow the rules, be cautious when being close to other people, mask on and more. Another effort that we can do is support our immune system. Avoiding excessive stress, light workout and heathy eating are some of the things we can do. As of Chinese Medicine, that we can help you with. Chinese Medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine, tuina, cupping and…

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Get Through Pandemic Winter

Feeling under the weather? It is getting colder and windy. How can you help yourself and your family to start the year with a strong body and mind and get through this Covid 19 pandemic. Winter. People are either love it or dread it. You might like it during December, but come January and February, when the worse cold start, you might hate it at one point. From the heavy winter jacket, boots, and shoveling the snow; you didn’t…

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Stress Relief

During this pandemic, it is considered normal to feel stress and anxious. Although for some, this feeling can be overwhelming. It is by far not helping with health preservation that very much needed especially during pandemic and flu season both altogether. Stress and anxious can worsen some existing condition, as well as our immune system. During the pandemic situation like this most people seek substance usage for dealing with their emotion, which is not a good solution either. The…

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