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Neck Pain? Back Pain?

Covid-19 lockdown and quarantine phases has been going on for quite some time now. The new normal, including work from home is a routine for most people at this point. It is an unusual work space that unfortunately needed to be set immediately. The inaccurate height between the desk and chair is one of the biggest problems that cause an incorrect posture while working. Another thing that affecting this problem that the lack of back support from the chair…

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Treat Back Pain with Myofascial Ball or Acupuncture

Back pain and limited body range motion are not only due to lumber vertebra misalignment but also due to Quadra Lumber muscle injury. Symptom When QL muscle tension increase, the body range motion decrease. If both side of QL muscle stiff, the pain starts when the body moves side by side. Using Myofascial ball   or Acupuncture to reduce pain The patient lies on the side at the edge of the bed, put cups. Then stretch arms over the head and…

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The Benefits of Massage

Therapeutic massage help ease not only stress and tight muscles but also a variety of diseases and conditions. Massage stimulates blood flow, which carries more oxygen and nutrients to the massaged muscles and tissue helping remove toxic waste products. Increased blood flow helps ease the pain of sore muscles and speeds the recovery of muscle after exercise or injury. Massage therapy can treat: ◦Back pain, more people seek massage therapy for lower back pain than for any other problem,…

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