Neck Pain? Back Pain?

Covid-19 lockdown and quarantine phases has been going on for quite some time now. The new normal, including work from home is a routine for most people at this point. It is an unusual work space that unfortunately needed to be set immediately. The inaccurate height between the desk and chair is one of the biggest problems that cause an incorrect posture while working. Another thing that affecting this problem that the lack of back support from the chair that used at home for working purposes.

Other than all these, the stress and negative emotions lead to a tense muscle that causing neck, shoulder, upper back and many other pains. These complain increased due to patients are unable or worried to seek medical attention during this period. Neck pain symptoms usually appear as a difficulty moving the head, pain that getting worse during sitting down and working, worse when trying to hold the head in one position for a long period such as working in front of computer, driving, etc. For some patients this can go further to headaches, numbs and tingling on the hands, limited range of movements and functions, etc.

Although there are many muscles that build the neck, upper neck and shoulder; the most common affected muscles usually are the Scalene, Trapezius and the Levator Scapulae. The muscles will feel hard and stiff, tense and might be spasmic. If the trigger points or some acupuncture points are palpated and pressed, some kind of discomfort will be felt. This following image showing most of the muscles (superficial and deeper) that build the neck, upper back and shoulder from the posterior view.

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