Trouble Weight Loss?

Many people made the new year’s resolution-losing weight. But how? Exercises, diet, acupuncture or ……

I was 60 kg many years ago, but now 50 kg in my preferred range. I tried many ways that were suggested by experts. I thought that body weight was only determined by how much I eat and how many calories I burned during daily activity. To some extent, these factors are true, however this equation is not the only factors influence the body weight.

I used to see my classmate ate whatever she wanted, and never exercises. She was still skinny. I tried to eat less and exercised more than her, my body
weight was like yoyo.

There are many biological and psychological factors involved in manitening a healthy weight. Understanding these factors help us to mainten healthy weight.

Social environment and cultural factors play a role. The increasing number of food -related online apps and fast food restaurants in our neighbourhoods make unhealthy foods easily accessible and available at relatively low cost.

Behavioural factors are also important. These include our dietary habits, our understanding of nutrition, our levels of activity, mood and other emotional factors. sleep patterns, coping strategies, time and stress management all play a role in weight control as well.

Exercises and healthy diet are a major contribution of weight loss. There
are many tips on line. Weight loss is a testing to your perseverance. Not
matter what method you are choosing to lose weight, lose the first 10 pound is easy and fast. However many people lose the steam and give up after as no obvious results obtained. Weight loss is a testing to your perseverance.

Acupuncture is another factor helped me successfully control the weight. It
surprised me when I first try the acupuncture. It’s chemical free, no diarrhea.


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