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Bitter Apricot Kernel

Health Canada has issued an advisory regarding apricot kernels. According to the advisory, eating more bitter apricot kernels puts people at risk of Cyanide poisoning. Bitter apricot kernels contain a chemical called amygdalin which can release cyanide after it’s eaten. The human body can get rid of small amounts of cyanide. Eating more than a few of apricot kernels will poison you. Children should not eat bitter apricot kernel.   Pain Relief-Relax Center offers our valuable clients the following…

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Health Tips

Best Substances to Clean Fresh Fruit and Veg. -Vinegar or Baking Soda Vinegar:  The food research review found that use vinegar to wash tomatoes significantly reduces six difference pesticides residues. Vinegar also reduces bacteria on apples and pears by 98%. Baking Soda: Researchers from Massachusetts published a study in Journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry reviewed that soaking apples in a baking soda solution for 12-15 minutes can remove almost every trace of persticides from fruit’s surface. Pain Relief-Relax Center…

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Time and Health

In ancient China, a whole day was divided into 12 periods.  Each period is corresponding to one meridian of your body.  The Meridian system is a concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) about a path through which the life-energy known as “qi” flows. The Meridians interact with internal organs.   Each Meridian has a most active period in a day. Following the natural rule of your body will promote your health. 23:00 – 1:00 Meridian of Gallbladder: Deep sleep! The gallbladder metabolize actively at…

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