Natural Balance for Precondition

For many years, I have cheered for my good health until one day. That was a warm early spring morning, the sun was dazzling, and the vibrant grass was waving in the gentle breeze. I sit in the back yard, breathing in the fresh air, hearing the birds chipping, watching the buds sprouting. Suddenly a brisk ring broke the peace. “Good morning, I’m calling from doctor’s office. Dr. Park wants to see you. I jumped up from my chair. “something wrong with me?”

The next day, I came to the doctor’s office. My doctor took out my test report,  ” your blood sugar is 7.6 mol /L, higher than 6.0 mol/L (diabetes),   The LDL (low-density lipoprotein) is higher than 240mg/dL, (high cholesterol). Your blood pressure is at the higher end even though still within normal range. This is precondition, also called metabolic syndrome”.

“I’m not senior yet doctor”. “These diseases are not junior, but don’t worry; thanks to the pharmaceutical industry, there are hundreds of medicines to treat these diseases” . Metformin or Gliclazide treats diabetic, Lisinopril (angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor), Satolol (anti-anginal), Alfuzosin (alpha-adrenergic block agent) treats hypertension, Atovastatin or Pravastatin can lower the cholesterol. The doctor handed me the  prescription.  Before the lunch that day, I took out pills and hold in my palm. These white pills were glaring in my eyes. I hesitated. “Should I take them? can you tell me what should I do? take or not? These pills are not heroin and would not make me high and addict to it.  But still make me relied on them in my rest of life, they would become my regular food.  That is what we call maintenance. We take them and maintain our body in the normal state.  Finally I decided to dump the pills into the garbage.

Metabolic Syndrome is a condition that the balance of body is breached. Through proper diet and moderate exercises, the body can naturally balance itself.

The next day in the early morning, 6 o’clock, the alarm went off.  I jumped out of the bed and started my work out. Squats, jumping jack, lunge, sit ups and pushups. 30 minutes workout made me so hungry. My stomach was growling and I started dreaming a delicious breakfast; Butter spread on the toast and with bacon, mayonnaise and a cup of juice, maybe a muffin. As soon as I sit in front of dining table, my delicious breakfast bubble busted in a second. No I can’t have those high fat and sugar anymore,  I need proper diet: oatmeal and cucumber and plain milk.

The toughest time I had to resist the temptation was when I went to vacation in Cuba. This trip was all inclusive means all food were free.  What do you do in this kind of trip, eat of fasting.  Every time I stepped in the big room, I saw the bread  table in the left side with many kinds of loaves of bread, followed by freshly cooking stand with noodles, rice like Tyrayakie  style, meat section had freshly cooked beef, lamb, fish etc. in different flavor. At the right side was vegetable section. In the middle of the hall is desert, all kinds of tropical fruit (papaya, guava and mango etc.) and many sweets especially ice cream my favorite.  Food stands with drinks and hamburgers were everywhere.  I was trying to avoid going to food stand or the lunch room, but the kids were growing and they ate all the time. I hated to see the kids licking the ice cream cone, indulging the sweetness and creaminess.  In 7 days, every minutes.  I have to resist temptations

Through the proper diet and exercises , another blood test showed my condition is back to normal. cheers!


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