Get Through Pandemic Winter

Feeling under the weather? It is getting colder and windy. How can you help yourself and your family to start the year with a strong body and mind and get through this Covid 19 pandemic.

Winter. People are either love it or dread it. You might like it during December, but come January and February, when the worse cold start, you might hate it at one point. From the heavy winter jacket, boots, and shoveling the snow; you didn’t even realize that your body also get additional stress and strain directly. Those, the flu season, Copvid 19, and other viral infection are the reason why it is important to maintain our health particularly during this time.

In Chinese Medicine, winter is associated with Yin which is cold, dark, slow, quiet and also correspond with kidney organ mainly. So, this is a perfect time to nourish and strengthening the Kidney.

What can you do?


Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi are the appropriate way to exercise during colder month. It is allowing you to move your Qi and still preserving it. It is better to avoid aggressive exercises that draining during this pandemic winter.

Eat Well.

The dark colored produce and various of meat are recommended to consume during winter. Cooked in a warm, hearty soup meal with a good bone broth are the best way to nourish yourself. Intake sufficient nutrients are crucial to help us fighting Covid 19.

Chicken, beef and bone broth are nourishing the kidney.

Seaweed is salty in taste which is corresponds with kidney, so it is a great option for people who doesn’t consume meat.

Seeds. Sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds and more are beneficial as well.


It is a quieter period, so meditate is parallel with the constitution. Meditate, calm your mind, breath and practices to reflect inward within ourselves are a good way to preserve our energy during this time.

What can we help with?


Although the point selection will vary from patient to another, generally, we will pick the point to reinforce the Kidney Essence and warming the body. Some of the points are:

BL 23 – to tonify the Kidney and Yang.

We may combine this with GV 4 which is called the “gate of life” and also tonifies the kidney.

With those, we may add moxibustion to reinforce the warming effect around the area.

Massage Therapy.

It is beneficial for helping reducing anxiety, releasing muscle spasm or soreness, and just relaxing in general.

Cupping Therapy

Bringing blood to the area, helping to move the blood, improving overall well-being, also great for muscle spasms.

Pain Relief-Relax Center offers our valuable clients the following services: