Acupoints On Your Ears

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ear is viewed as a microsystem that representing the whole body. When the seeds applied to a certain spot in the ear, it also can stimulate the point in the body. It helps with various types of conditions or needs, from easing pain, reducing stress, help with anxiety to help with insomnia, and even more.

Patient can easily press the seeds that placed, long after the acupuncture treatment ended. Pressing it helps stimulate the nerve on the ear and provides therapeutic effect via neural pathways. Ear seeds works the best for patient with mild to moderate pain according to 2010 study from Journal of Alternative Medicine.

The best part is ear seeds are generally safe. It is applied topically with less invasive to non invasive materials. Some patients might have sensitivity to the latex in the adhesive from the patch. This might causing some itch, discomfort or redness as a responds. If this happens, just remove the ear seeds. Shower with it also doable and it can stays to 5 to 7 days, some will fall off along the way and it is fine. The simplest way to stimulate the point is to press until it feels achy for a few seconds, anytime it needed. For example, when it is supposed to help with anxiety, when feeling anxious, start pressing the seeds. Do it a few times a day or when needed. It is worth to try at least.

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