Fertility Translated to Female’s Health

Part I: The Misunderstanding

As the nowadays trend and focus rotating around female health, the words that always pop up is “Fertility”. Either it is about supporting fertility, helping with fertility challenge and many more. The truth is, this actually focus on women’s health. When we think and talk about women’s health, it is goes further and beyond than just fertility and supporting only it. 

Fertility challenge that comes up later in the someone’s stage of life is more likely due to a lifetime’s women’s or female decent health care or lack thereof. The women’s health started not when the fertility became an issue but rather since we are born, with the essential peak at the age the women’s first menarche, continuously while outgrowing the puberty towards adult stage and so on.

This is when most of the time that women’s health is under the spotlight and translated into fertility challenge or issue.  Many of us now hearing very often about infertility, fertility challenged female, PCOS and other condition which actually was rare back in the day, years and years ago. We will think that with advance technology, additional nutrition enriched food and better education, the fertility issues are supposed to be lowered and less of a common problem. 

But why is it become a very much of a condition?

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