Restore Body Balance

The human body is a complex chemical reactor. Food taken into the body is broken down into small molecules by different enzymes and mechanisms. Sugar is broken into glucose, lactose turns to galactose and glucose, protein turns into amino acid, fat break into glycerol and fatty acids.  All the small molecules flow in different cell organ to be made into a component of our body or become energy. These chemical reactions need to be continued smoothly with a balanced body environment. Our body is fine-tuning the balance. When more sugar is taken into the body, more insulin will secrete to turn the glucose into glycogen to prevent high blood sugar in our body.  In precondition, the imbalance can be revoked.  If you may choose to take medication that the doctors prescribed, you lose the chance to reverse this precondition.   Majority medicines are synthetic or derivative from the existing chemicals; high concentration and high potency comparing to natural chemicals in herb or food.  When taking medicine at this stage, these chemicals in the bloodstream function as insulin. In turn, our body has to reduce the secretion of the same chemical. Day by day, the pancreas loses the function of produce insulin. The imbalance environment becomes an irrevocable condition. These medicines finally become your regular food. The biggest beneficiary is the pharmaceutical industry. Is there an alternative way? The answer is yes. Here are some tips
  1. Modify your diet —a balanced diet and less salt intake are crucial. Keep saturated fat and cholesterol to a minimum, as well as refined sugars and heavy starches; instead, opt for lean meat and vegetables as much as possible.
  2. Start an exercise regimen. 30 minutes of moderate exercise, even just walking—five days a week has been shown to have a tremendous benefit to help lower your blood pressure and minimize your risk of developing hypertension and heart disease.