Acupuncture Reduce Symptom of Menopause

Everyone will be getting old someday no matter how reluctant we are. Time flies, you are busy every day raising kids or establishing a career or travelling around to taste different culture and traditions until you start feeling hot flush, night sweat, difficulty sleeping, low mood and anxiety, having a problem with memory and concentration. Doctors will say that it’s the pre-stage of Menopause.  Those symptoms are caused by the hormone changing in our bodies. While there are many options to combat them, there isn’t one definitive solution. In light of new study from scientists in North Carolina, acupuncture is a reliable source of comfort for menopausal women.

The research was published in Menopause Journal and was led by professor Nancy Avis. Avis said:  Although acupuncture does not work for every woman, our study showed that, on average, acupuncture effectively reduces the frequency of hot flushes and results were maintained for 6 months after the treatment”. She also said: many other non-hormonal options for treating hot flushes and night sweat are available. But our study showed acupuncture can help some women to reduce these symptoms without side effect.


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