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Acupuncture for Hypertention

Hypertension is a disorder marked by intermittent or consistent elevation of blood pressure. Generally a sustained diastolic of 90 mmHg and  systolic of 140 mmHg or more, qualifies as hypertension.  The risk to patient relates to long-term damage. Type of Hypertension Essential hypertension is the most common type. it may related to family medical history, races, stress, obesity, diet sedentary life style and aging. Secondary hypertension may result from renal vascular disease, cushing syndrome, diabetes, dysfunction of the thyroid…

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Natural Balance Broken

We all want to be healthy and stay healthy. So we go for annual physical checkup.  Through blood, urine test, ultrasound and X-ray scan, our doctors will tell us whether all the test results are within the normal range or not. In many years, you were cheered for the normal testing results until one day your doctor called you that your blood sugar was higher than 7.0nmol/L, mm….  you have diabetes. Your blood systolic pressure was over 140, (wow),…

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