Boosting Metabolism in Winter

When the temperature start dipping, our body starts storing fat to keep us warm and switching our brain into hibernation mode. Feeling sleepy and gaining weight hamper our health goal. There are some tips to keep your energy level high through the winter.

  • Get outside or to the gym.  Being active through the winter is the way to stay in shape and ensures your metabolism stay high through the season. The low temperature causes our body slightly resisting insulin. As a result, our muscles don’t respond to glucose as well. To combat this situation, regular endurance or weight training exercises are essential to boost insulin response and burn energy.
  • Supplement,  supplementing with omega-3 has been shown to help prevent seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  Vitamin D is another nutrient that we don’t get enough of in winter as the sun’s rays aren’t strong enough to produce sufficient amounts naturally, considering supplementing. To choose what supplementing would work for you, talk to you health care provider.

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