Using Moxibustion for Your Health

Moxibustion  can be applied to different diseases. It can be applied with acupuncture to treat disease that cannot be cured by medicine. Performing moxibustion at different points not only treat but also prevent various diseases.

Moxibustion is burning the moxa to make warmth penetrate the skin, muscles, meridians and collaterals to treat pains arise from cold such as frozen shoulder.   Performing moxibustion on the acu points can warm, regulate and harmonize qi to treat numbness, pain and swelling due to obstruction of meridian from qi stagnation.

Moxibustion can boost qi and nourish blood to treat loose stool, diarrhea, and rectal prolapse.

Moxibustion provides body balance, increase peripheral blood circulation to reverse of cold of the limbs and short breathing. Moxibustion also restores body energy.

The characteristic of  the moxibustion helps us to prevent common cold and stroke.

Moxibustion need to be applied by regulated and experienced practitioners such as acupuncturists and chinese medicine doctors. The practitioners will treat the patient base on the diagnoses, age and physical fitness to determine the moxibustion points and length.

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