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Legs Numbness and Feels Heavy?

The other week, we had a nice gentleman came with numbness and heaviness felt in the lower limbs. Other than that, he also feels cold especially on both feet. It started after he finished chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we look at this as Qi and Blood Stagnation, and also Qi and Blood Deficiency.

What is it? That means that the Blood Circulation is not good. Qi and Blood maybe sounds odd for most people. Think as it is a car with no gas. The gas is the Qi and car is the Blood. The Qi is the energy to move the Blood like the gas needed to move the car.

Other than that, this condition is belong to a chronic condition and deficient side of illness. That is why it is important to tonify or strengthening the body and at the same time to move both Qi and Blood. The other special tools we took advantage of our Traditional Chinese Medicine “Tool Belt” is Moxibustion.

It is obvious that with obstructed circulation will have some symptoms with coldness, not to mention that the weaknesses that the patient already had after chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There is lack of fuel/gas so there must be lack of fire or warmth. “Moxibustion” is a special warming technique that is greatly beneficial for this patient. It is literally warming up the patient.

We used herbal medicine made from dried Mugwort and we burned it to warm the part of the body that needed it and some acupuncture points to add some warming effect on top of the point function itself. It is beneficial to increase the circulation, warming up the body, on some weaknesses and chronic condition, and many more.

It is interesting how Moxibustion can help the overall well-being. Interested? We can explain more if you want when you come visit us. Your health and well-being is so important and it should be the biggest investment in your life. Come visit us!